While all fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time", this tale begins in a place where wishes are dreams and dreams are wishes. It is called Braeland, whose loose Celtic translation means "beautiful land". One hour west of Washington D.C., among the foothills of the Shenandoah National Park you will find the studios of Julie and Lance Huber. The husband and wife team create & design handmade Home Furnishings. Originating with the Art for the Garden series, featuring the classic Dans le Jardin Collection, Braeland has expanded to include a recent film Adventure. Each work of art continues to express a unique vision and is an inspiration to all who enjoy their Collection.

Julie and Lance seek to bring the magic of the Scottish Highlands and French Countryside, through the stories of Braeland. Since 1991, their handtold storied collection has grown to National and International recognition. The whimsical assemblage of Braeland’s characters and their adventures comes alive to inspire child and adult alike. All are encouraged to explore the boundless wonder of the imagination, through their Home Furnishings, Games, Puppets, Video, and a playful Alphabet Collection. Travel with Otis the Rabbit, across mountain and meadow, sea or sky, and let the dreaming begin...

Whichever way the road takes you, through the African Plains or to a Treasure Island, you will surely find sanctuary at Braeland. The At Home Collection, featuring unique home furnishings, decorative drawer pulls with hand painted scenes, eclectic tableware, and meticulously painted panels, will embellish your home and heart. Cheerful plaques and chalkboards guide curious travelers along the way, while leaping animal coat racks welcome all who believe.

Braeland’s lush color sense lends itself to a complete lifestyle look. Reinventing traditional home decor, Braeland combines country charm and urban necessity to create a new industry standard. Current works in progress include an innovative collection of fabrics, wallpaper, dinnerware and upholstered furnishings. Braeland invites you to come and share in the Adventure.